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Zen Spirit

 The perfect environment for your retreats, workshops or training.

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Blue Zone

We are right at the heart of one of the five blue zones hotspot of the planet.

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Zen Spirit Yoga resort

Breaking ground on a small hill top overlooking the pristine beach of Costa de Oro, Zen Spirit yoga resort strives to provide the perfect environment for your retreats, workshops or training. Since Zen Spirit beachfront eco-resort specialize in wellness and yoga retreats, we built this project with sustainable and bioclimatic principals in mind. The resort is beautifully designed and surrounded by lush medicinal tropical gardens. As a result we provide guests tranquil and healing Zen atmosphere, rhythm by the sound of the waves and the ebb and flow of the tides.
Our mission is to provide guests with a comfortable, peaceful environment, to experience healthy, sustainable living.

The Nicoya Peninsula

Zen Spirit is located about 14 km south of Punta Islita airport in the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica. It has been identified has one of the five blue zones on the planet. Namely we are near Cabo blanco National Park, Karen Mogensen Nature Reserve, Caletas Ario wildlife refuge. Therefore, while visiting our tropical eco-resort you are likely to spot some of Costa Rica’s shyest and most endangered tropical dry forest inhabitants,for example the black howler monkey likewise the white headed capuchin, tropical deer, macaws, eagles as well as sea turtles…

Until now we are located at the margin of the more popular hustle and bustle tourist beaches. As a result we can guarantee our guests a true retreat experience and the possibility to reconnect with their inner self. For instance there are no hotels or facilities other than private residences on Costa de Oro beach. Because the premise is set on a wonderful long flat gold sandy beach interrupted by river estuaries. You can enjoy world class surfing as well as kayaking and  bird watching in the mangrove, horseback riding and hiking to waterfalls, star gazing into the dark sky and much more. In short it is a nature lover paradise.